Promo may be only 5% of your job but that doesn’t mean you’ll settle for it being anything less than top-notch. We know you need promotional ideas that stand out and get results. You want to work with a company that understands you and your business.
You’re in the right place.
Scroll down to learn how Rothschild Marketing solves your promo problems – and puts the fun back in swag! We produce super cool client gifts and unforgettable events for professional services companies.
“I need fresh ideas.”
Rothschild Marketing has the freshest ideas in the industry.
You’re tired of looking through catalogs and chasing your promo company for ideas. We get it! We take your firm’s preferences and promotional goals, tackle the research and bring you multiple recommendations. We promise: all of them will put a SMILE ON YOUR FACE.
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“Items arrive with mistakes way too often.”
Rothschild Marketing’s 15-point process virtually eliminates unpleasant surprises.
The picture looked good but the product arrives and the logo is wrong or the material looks cheap. When it comes to promo, small errors are a big deal. That’s why we only hired detail-oriented swag fanatics who watch your project like a hawk. Plus we’ve developed a 15-POINT PROCESS that virtually eliminates unpleasant surprises. The only surprises we want are the pleasant ones — for your clients!
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“I just found out we need this order in three days. Help!”
Rothschild Marketing is on the Job. If you need it we will get it done.
Internal clients have a lot to think about and don’t always plan ahead. That’s OK, we make miracles happen. More than a third of our orders have super quick delivery timelines. We even have a specific rush process designed just for these scenarios. We’re experts at making the impossible possible – and making you LOOK LIKE A HERO.
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“Our promotions look like everybody else’s.”
Rothschild Marketing will make your promotions stand out in even the most competitive markets.
The whole point of swag is that it stands out and is memorable. Customers comment on our “artist’s eye” and ability to deliver beautiful, unique, colorful, unexpected products, packaging, and events. We elevate your promo and your brand. Our goal is to make you LOOK LIKE A ROCK STAR.