Take Time To Connect

Can you tell me who won the last five Nobel prizes or the last five World Series Championships or Superbowls? These individuals and teams are the best at their fields – at the top of their games. But have they made enough of an impact on your life personally, that you’ll remember them? Do you care about what they go on to do in the next phase of their pursuits?

Now, think of five people who touched your life personally or professionally. Think of a mentor who helped you along your path – that teacher, that coach, that person who helped you navigate tough times or challenged you to seek greater heights.

Chances are, you had no trouble coming up with names for the second group. These people made a real connection with you in order to make a real difference in your life. They helped shape you as a person. Whatever expertise or accolades they may or may not have had didn’t matter. What did matter is that they gave you their time and put your needs first.

In business, when we take the time to make genuine connections – when we truly care about other people’s success, and help them achieve their goals – we also become much more memorable and influential.

Remember, bigger is not always better. I would rather build my business with 1,000 loyal customers than 10,000 who would leave the second they think there’s a better offering or a less expensive substitute.

Your company may not be the largest, or have a budget for the flashiest ad campaign, but you can build a powerful, loyal, lifelong fan base by cultivating authentic relationships, understanding your audiences’ needs and playing a role in shaping their success.