Make it as seamless as possible for your clients

Intense Focus on customer

Starts by being obsessed with listening to the customer & responding. Dedicated efforts to learn & innovate for your customer.

You don’t need to make your product 10x better, you need to make your experience 10x lighter

When the experience is seamless, and easy, consumers are more apt to repeat the process, share the experience, leave positive reviews, and become more loyal to your firm. It’s easier to improve your experience 10x then it is to improve your product 10x.

When you solve for the client’s success rather than your ego or systems, they will want to engage with your firm. The customer does not care about your process issues, your technological limitations, why you did’t get back to them quickly with a response. They care about their problems and if you make it hard on them, they will find someone who will make it easy on them.

Become the Amazon in Your World.

Amazon’s growth is amazing. Amazon’s obsessive compulsive focus on the customer and make purchasing so easy, that everyone wants to buy from them. They try to create tremendous value for their customers and it starts by meticulously looking at every step of the customer journey. They try to make it easier to find products from their vast selection, can they continually shorten the buying process, checkout and with Prime members getting two day free shipping. A process we should all try to emulate.