It’s All About Engagement

Beginning. Middle. End. It’s All About Engagement.

I’ve done hundreds of hours of research and read about and spoken with many great marketing pioneers. No matter the area – branding, thought leadership, social media, permission marketing, inbound marketing, or “new marketing” – every study, article and conversation led back to audience engagement as the way to cultivate raving fans. There’s a ton of information on audience engagement, but after all of my research, I’ve boiled it down to these basics.

1. Don’t Sell
2. Understand Why
3. Take Time to Connect
4. Build Alignment
5. Customize and Personalize
6. Invite Participation
7. Become an Appreciator
8. Show Your Gratitude
9. Create Community
10. Make it Easy

Ignoring these basics is risky to the health of your business. But making even small improvements across the range can lead to big leaps in customer engagement – and the growth of your very own community of raving fans.

Bonus: You can – and should – use all of these strategies internally to grow employee engagement, as well. After all, a raving loyal workforce is one of the most powerful attractors in creating loyal, raving fans.

Double Bonus: The key connection between engagement and revenue growth is Customer Experience. Providing a high-quality positive customer experience is an important component and crucial to your business as customers are more empowered with choices, more vocal about their desires and their expectations continue to rise.

Customer experience and customer engagement can often be confused and many firms fail to connect the dots between engagement and customer experience. We are going to explore how firms can dig deeper in engagement and provide an exceptional customer experience.