Define your customer journey

Once you understand your buyer persona and customer journey, it’s time to combine the two and see how you’re doing. First you’ll need to map out the stages in your firm’s particular journey – and then ask your customers about their experiences. They can confirm all the steps they took and tell you what was good – and what they’d change if they only had a magic wand.

Make a list of every interaction you can think of whether they’re big or small touches:

· How did your customer find you? Was it easy or hard?

· What was their first contact? In-person? Phone call? Website? Did someone answer their call, return their email, reply to the request for more information form they submitted?

· If a customer called 10 GC’s, how many would refer your firm?

· How easy is it for a customer to find what they need on your website?

· Does your intake and discovery process fully explain how your firm can solve the client’s problem?

· Was moving to the next step easy or difficult? Did they receive the information the needed? How could it have been better?

· Do they understand the team structure and who does what?

· Is your onboarding, project management, and billing seamless?

· If they dropped out of the process, what caused that?

· When the job was done, did anyone follow up to make sure they were satisfied – or if they could use help in other matters?

· How likely would they be to recommend you to a friend or colleague?

Keep asking for feedback until you completely understand every question, concern, or frustration that arises at each and every step of the journey.