Take it to the Next Level

Where can you do better?

Start looking at ways to improve on customer experience by creating a visual graph of the current situation where the X-axis represents the journey and the Y-axis tracks happy experiences and pain points. Really highlight the pain points and dig deeper for ways to reassess, tweak and make improvements. These are the areas where you can create the biggest shift in how your customers perceive your brand.

Explore why your customers are frustrated. What did they expect to hear, see, or experience at this point? Is the process cumbersome or confusing? Have you built enough trust? What information do they need? Was the information provided in a format or channel that did not suit them? Do they need more proof – maybe a case study or industry endorsement?

Use sticky notes to keep track of the opportunities and ideas at each touch point along the journey. Now you’re ready to prototype or mock up a new experience, which you will implement and test.

The importance of testing

A lot of firms don’t invest in testing, but testing – both qualitative and quantitative –provides invaluable information that will allow you to craft the best experience and create the most effective types of messaging and content based on real customer preferences and behavior measured from both explicit and implicit data. There are many options for collecting feedback on products, services, messaging, content, and overall satisfaction with customer experience.

Qualitative Research Quantitative Research
Focus Group Statistics
Interviews Data
Online Blogs Numbers
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