Evolving Your Journey Map by Continually Assessment & Optimization

Customer journey mapping is not something you do and then set aside. It’s an ever-changing, ever-evolving process. Build in automatic tripwires at key stages to generate continuous feedback. If your hypothesis was wrong and the change doesn’t enhance the experience, go back to reassess and tweak. Track everything from email to intake to the matter, to billing and every step in between. If someone drops out, ask them why. Pay special attention to steps with multiple drops – this is a red flag indicating friction that needs to be addressed. Constantly tracking and asking for feedback will help you stay on top of and adapt to the ever-shifting customer landscape.

Engagement improves experience

Today we have an unprecedented array of opportunities to connect with and serve our clients. I encourage you to reach out through every available and appropriate channel – website, social media, video, white papers, emails, webinars, CLE Seminars. Just remember — the days of talking at customers instead of with them are over. No matter the channel, the experience should always be consistently great and engage your customer in a two-way conversation. To encourage engagement, try inviting your customers to:

  • Try it now
  • Request a demo
  • Request more info
  • Download whitepaper or article
  • Watch a video
  • Subscribe to alerts and newsletter