Integrate technology across multiple touch points

What’s the role of technology in experience?

Modern consumers are becoming accustomed to technology that makes it easier to get things done. You can now order Starbucks through Facebook Messenger and they’ll even tell you when it’s ready for pickup. Want to order Dominos pizza via text? Sure. You can even replace household supplies by simply talking to Alexa. Top performing firms are almost three times as likely as their mainstream peers to have invested in an integrated could-based technology stack. How can your firm use technology to enhance your customer experience with a more integrated approach across different points of engagement?

The journey never ends

Many firms make the mistake of thinking after the client has used their services and the bill is paid, their work is done. But the truth is, the customer journey actually begins before initial contact and continues well after the final payment. There are several more steps to consider that could easily grow profitability by triggering repeatable business.

When an average organization is closing the door and shutting off the lights, the most successful firms are still engaging customers with the offer of another great experience.