Client Experience Expectations

Ideas that can make your client relationship easier and will make it work better.

  • Is your firm taking a proactive stance in communication with your clients?
  • Is your firm investing and innovating with technology on behalf of your clients? Look for ways you can make it easier on your clients. Need to take a long term view of technology. Ask your top clients what technology they use. See if there are synergies and build software that will integrate with what they are already using that can be used to leverage collaboration.
  • Is your firm introducing your entire client service team to the client. Billing, Business Development team, HR and the actual associates who will be doing the actual work. ? It is more than a 1-1 experience today, Clients want to meet who is truly supporting the relationship.
  • Is your firm connected internally between departments and different channels of the organization on the clients behalf. Is the firm using a company wide project management software? Make sure everyone servicing the client has up to date information easily accessible so the client never has to repeat itself. Create a one point of contact that can extract all the info for the client and be their advocate internally.
  • Is your firm investing into the client by personalizing the relationship with content and relevant information specific to that client. Create a client newsletter just about that client.
  • Is your firm making your information easily digestible and easy to share with internal clients. Make sure your summary is short and easy to understand for the C-Suite. Don’t just give the alert or history, provide commentary why it is important. Predict and analyze the direction of future changes and how to mitigate the risks.
  • Is your firm transparent on the client intake process on who is doing what? Be very clear, concise on the work.What expected response times are, billing practices.
  • Is your firm providing inaccurate & inconsistent information on bills with lots of surprises?
  • Does your firm understand the company, its industry and how each project fits into the bigger picture of the client? Need to understand the scale of each matter.
  • Is your firm finding ways to adapt their own practices to match that of their clients needs and expectations? This may require a firm to look into the mirror and take risks to be more cutting edge. Your clients are demanding it.
  • Does your firm have a credible commitment to diversity?