How to elevate your SWAG

Memorable Marketing: How to Elevate Your Swag

S-W-A-G. Swag. Stuff We All Get. There’s no fun acronym to describe what a lot of swag is, but it can be classified as throw-away gifts. You know, the branded items that fail to captivate and do not make you think of high-end gifts.

Apart from those logo-laden loser pieces destined for the recycle pile, we’re willing to bet you have some highly-coveted branded items at your desk that really hit the mark, that make you think of the company that gifted it to you, items that will follow you should you move.

Yes, there are different categories of swag, but how do you take the mundane to memorable items you want to use?

Simple. Elevating your swag begins with the company that produces it. Let’s break down why that’s important.

Lack of Communication

Overseas companies that produce knock-off materials and slap on a logo are a dime a dozen, and so are the products they create. The lack of communication while working with your promo materials will convey a lack of connection to your clients and prospects who receive your afterthought of a gift.

Clients can tell when gifts are thoroughly planned and executed well, and that is reliant upon strong communication with a vendor who gets you and understands your clients-marketing that gets a “thank you,” and a strong reminder to call on you whenever they see and use the gift you’ve given.

Fun Intentional Planning

The vendor you use to produce branded gifts also matters when it comes to how they produce your items. We’re not just talking about quality materials, but we’re talking about having fun with intentional planning and the process of your swag.

A website with hundreds of pages of ready-to-ship items and no representative to guide you to the best selections is quite the opposite of fun, and it delivers swag that falls flat. To elevate your swag, you have to speak with an actual person who can guide and assist you in creating the very best quality swag tailored for your clients and prospects.

In Conclusion

You don’t need to rack your brain for memorable marketing materials to stock your inventory. You simply need to assess swag vendors and choose one with clear communication, planning, and who knows what it means to deliver items that get you a “thank you.”

If you need to restock your supply of swag, or if you’re struggling with where to start, we’d love to make your life easier. Reach out to us today to see why high-end swag-seekers love us. We’d love to help you!