How to Pick the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients

How to Pick the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients

Every professional service firm, no matter the industry, knows that clients are the key to success, and more than that, happy clients. Whether a new client or a longstanding client’s business that has been with you from the start, the act of corporate gifting can make the difference between landing or losing new clients and can even affect what a client spends on your services.

We’re not telling you to send clients a coffee mug or a brigade of fruit baskets to meet your billable hours or income goals for the year; but, we are saying that client appreciation matters, and thoughtful gifts remind your clients and prospective clients that you are there AND you’ve put thought into reminding them you care.

Selecting a great client gift doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s important to remember that the size and spending of the client gifts are far less important factors than thoughtfulness when choosing the perfect gift.

So, how do you select unique corporate gifts that will strengthen your business relationship and keep you top of mind? Let’s look at four tips to guide you on your quest to pick the best client gifts.


Be Selective in Your Gift-Giving

We’re selective in almost every area of life. We take great care in choosing employees and business partners. We value quality of our own business attire. We prioritize quality work that may take longer over the swift and sloppy work that’s easily performed. So, it stands to reason that being selective and choosing quality materials would be standard practice for client gift-giving.

The holidays and annual company milestones are prime times to send a corporate gift, and you’re not alone in that. Your clients and prospects will be inundated with gifts throughout the years, which is even more reason to choose a thoughtful gift, one with great quality.


Client Gifts Shouldn’t Be Stressful

We all started out this pandemic being sucked into the KonMari Method, and we’ll be the first to say that mentality really took roots. Less is more, and it’s the same with a company gift. Nobody wants a gift basket of cheap chotskies, something with little value add to their life, or a complicated gift card for a business or service they have to select (which also shows lack of thought on your part).

Your gift should solve a problem for your client, or show them you were listening the last time you spoke. For instance, a beer-loving client would feel perplexed if they received etched-wine glasses from you, and they’d have to figure out if they could return the gift, donate it, or just add to the clutter. On the other hand a beer brewing kit is a unique corporate gift for a client or prospect who will know immediately that you listen and consider ways to enhance their life and happiness.

Skip the stress and consider the client BEFORE giving corporate gifts.


Personalize Your Corporate Gifts to Your Client’s Preferences

When you select a gift that’s personalized to your client’s preferences you demonstrate that you care. For example, if you know client loves hiking, a North Face backpack may be an adventurer’s dream or a new parent or grandparent receiving a pack of premium Copper Pearl swaddles to wrap their new bundle in. The point is when you take time to be selective, you demonstrate that you feel the gift should be as important as the receiver.

Your gift only needs to be thoughtful, not perfect. It’s important to set a reasonable budget and does not come with strings attached. It’s important to remember that gift giving is not about reciprocation, it’s about showing you value the relationship you have with your intended receiver and want your gift to reflect it.


Choose Client Gifts with Aesthetic Appeal

Cohesive appeal is important for client gifts, especially if you plan to send a few items in a beautiful gift box. Your branded collateral should be cohesive in style and type. Consider building a theme based on their needs–a calendar design with space for to-do lists pairs perfectly with branded fountain pens, and including a personalized touch like a handwritten note to say you chose these items because you know how important organization is to your client can really go a long way.

Planning for these types of gifts can ensure you do not run up against deadlines or create unnecessary stress for yourself.

Now you have four very helpful tips to aid you in selecting great, unique corporate gifts for all of your clients. Still not sure what to choose? Are you thinking a theme would be helpful? We can help, no matter where you are in your journey to giving the best business gifts possible. Reach out to us to learn more about quality goods, corporate gift boxes, and ideas to wow.