Corporate Holiday Gifts | Your Guide to 2022’s Hottest Holiday Gifts for Every Client and Employee

Everyone loves giving gifts in the holiday season, right!? It’s a period in which we express gratitude and goodwill among employees, business partners, valued customers, and clients. We all understand that a thoughtful gift of quality conveys gratitude and appreciation, and we’re here to make certain the gifts for your corporate Christmas and holiday celebrations are meaningful with little impact on your effort expenditure.

Selecting the perfect corporate holiday gift for employees and clients is easier than ever with our premium gift ideas for the holiday season. Whether you need to knock out a lengthy list of business gifts to delight customers and clients, or you’re looking for a unique gift that has the quality and detail your employees deserve, we’ve got you covered with this year’s hottest items to complete your holiday gift-giving list.


Corporate Holiday Gift-Giving Made Simple

Before we start breaking down all the best corporate gifts available this season, we want to let you know we thrive on making your corporate holidays as stress-free as possible. We offer a variety of gifts for the office that will leave a lasting impression for years to come, and we make procuring that wow factor super swift through our online holiday store.

Rothschild Holiday Store

This isn’t some overview of potential Christmas gifts you must hunt and place orders for all over the internet. This is your one-stop shop for meaningful impact through holiday gifts all in one location.

So, let’s get to the good stuff!


Holiday Gift Baskets and Delicious Treats

Gift a Group with an Assortment of Sweet Treats

Did you know that almost 90% of Americans say they enjoy candy and treats during the holiday season? That’s a big group of gift recipients you can easily cross off your gift list, which is especially perfect when you need to send one gift basket for an entire office or department.

More Than Just Chocolate Bars

It doesn’t get much sweeter than our gourmet treats. Check out the top-of-the-line, tried-and-true, guaranteed crowd-pleaser, the Godiva Box Tower.


Rothschild Holiday Store Godiva Gift

Who can say no to that signature gold wrapping paper? The Godiva options on our Holiday Store are perfect for your business clients who have several folks in the office you want to gift this season.


Coffee-Lovers Companion Gift Set

Did you know that 72% of Americans drink coffee daily? That probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but the gift we’re about to suggest for known coffee-lovers might be.

You’re probably thinking we’re about to hit you with a link to amazing roasted coffee and branded mugs, but no. We have something to accompany your gift recipients’ favorite hot beverages: the ultimate coffee cake.

Rothschild Holiday Store Cinnamon Cake

This is also another great option for a business client group gift or to send to a client’s family. Coffee drinkers or not, the cold season makes most grab their favorite hot beverages, and this coffee cake is the perfect companion.
Seriously, ask anyone who has been the recipient of corporate gifting in a group setting how long the holiday goodies around the coffee pot last.

Spoiler: not long at all, so give them something worth savoring!


Spiral-Sliced Ham + Bamboo Cutting Board = Show-S topping Corporate Holiday Gifts

Whether it’s turkey day or you’re decking the halls with boughs of holly, you can’t go wrong with an impressive and delicious spiral-sliced ham, and this one comes with a bonus branded gift of a bamboo cutting board your gift recipients can use for years to come – and think of you and your firm when they do!

Rothschild Holiday Store Cutting Board

Choose Gifts That Get the Party Started

How many holiday events do your clients, employees, families, and friends attend or host each year? You probably can’t count that high. Know what the perfect holiday gift ideas you can provide to folks on the move this holiday? A party starter.

Rothschild Holiday Store Party Starter


This gift box and several others like it in our Holiday Store are what we refer to as purpose gifts – they serve a purpose and get the party started. Recipients are happy to receive these goodies, and they’re super easy to take to your holiday parties on the go.


Employee Gifts with Your Company Logo

When selecting corporate holiday gifts, there’s a reason the classics are our hottest-selling gift ideas.

An employee gift should be something your team is proud to receive, enthusiastic about using, and should include your company logo to increase your brand awareness and instill pride in your valued team.


Apparel with an Element of Custom Design

Check out our incredible collection of premium apparel that is perfect for an employee gift once you add your company logo.


Rothschild Holiday Store Apparel

The best Christmas gifts in the company apparel portion of our Holiday Store is by far the North Face and Carhartt jackets. The name brand is desirable, and that’s because they stand for quality in the industry.


Employee Gifts Chosen by Employees

You know how your kids get to be a certain age and they prefer to pick out their own holiday gift… and you prefer to let them so you can be certain you gift them something they really want? Think of your employees like that. They know what they like, and many appreciate the gift of options.

Select options in your corporate holiday gift budget, and let employees choose what they want. They can pick a thoughtful gift that can be personalized with your company logo and specially packaged. It’s really a win for your employee gift list.


Corporate Gifts for the Trendy Traveler

Whether they’re toting traveling between work and home and must tote their laptop, or you have a list of business clients, customers, and employees who only work to travel, an amazing corporate gift is in the bag.

Really, check out these amazing bags.