How an Online Company Swag Store Can Level Up Your Marketing

Event Marketing with Less Hassle: How an Online Company Swag Store Can Level Up Your Marketing


If you work in professional service marketing and business development, you know that every form of client outreach or internal steps to strengthen the culture of your firm are what most would consider events. These are meaningful steps that your organization takes to build its brand, grow business, and improve inter-office morale.

Whether you’re taking inventory of goods in preparation for upcming conferences, have a client-facing appreciation event to plan, or want a variety of branded materials for employee engagement, you have to track and manage premium swag items on an ongoing basis.

Planning a budget, ordering merchandise, keeping track of inventory, and handling distribution means spending countless hours as an unofficial swag vendor. Our busy marketing and BD clients wear enough hats without having also to play vendor and supply chain manager for their firm. Enter: your firm’s swag store, and watch your work life and event planning process transform for the better.

Let’s take a look at what it means to have your own company swag store and the myriad ways it can improve your processes, cut time, and save money on every form of event and outreach your firm makes in 2023.


What Is a Company Swag Store?

Online company swag stores are online on-demand shops that list different items and availability for the premium branded items your firm chooses to use for event marketing, business development, and employee appreciation. Think of it as a curated shop of firm goods that are within your chosen budget and available at all times to shop by anyone you designate.


Why Use an Online Company Store to Manage Events and Swag Distribution

You might be wondering how this is any different from an online retailer, so let’s take a look at the many benefits of having your own swag store and the ways it will transform your swag process and give you back valuable time to spend on your actual marketing career instead of an unofficial swag vendor.

Branded Merchandise from Your Company Store Builds Brand Consistency

We probably don’t need to tell you how beneficial branded swag items are to your firm and employees, but we can tell you how allowing us to create your company swag store will further drive consistent branding and visibility with your client base and employees.

The increase in continuity brands see from adopting a company swag store really relies on the ease of ordering. How often are the Partners at your firm requesting information or ordering assistance for branded merch? How many of your colleagues are hesitant to bother you with these requests because they know just how busy you are!?

Lack of awareness on item availability, how to go about ordering, or hesitation to add another task to your lengthy to-do list keep your colleagues, clients, and prospective clients from getting their hands on the beautiful branded merch you’ve chosen to promote your firm.

But, an online company store and its ease of ordering promotional materials changes all of that.

Easy Ordering from Your Company Swag Store

Gone are the days of printing out and emailing options of branded merch to your colleagues and contacts. Your swag store is their new Amazon, but without the risk of blowing your budget. A carefully curated company store displays the options your firm chooses, including all sizes, colors, and options for each item available.

There will be no endless emails asking what sizes are left or how your practice group leaders can secure a group of goods for an upcoming prospective client meeting. You simply designate who you approve to enter and order from the swag store, and they can handle the ordering and information-gathering on their own. Most firms use their intranet to host the links, so everyone has access to your goods!

This ease of ordering makes it more likely your colleagues, especially new hires, will order and use the awesome branded materials that Rothschild Marketing and your firm make available for them. It’s a time-saver for everyone, which really means a bigger ROI for you.

Improve ROI on Custom Branded Gear in Your Swag Store

You know that premium branded materials you customize cost money, and the cost per item increases with every additional second you spend managing those orders. A good bulk order price on swag items doesn’t go far when you’re investing so much time in ordering, processing, counting, and storing materials.

The bigger ROI and time-saving capabilities of a swag store trickle down and lower the price on any and every event or form of outreach that includes your firm’s merchandise. Stop wasting endless hours doing inventory, planning, and finding storage for materials that you’re already paying for. Use a company swag store to increase ROI!

Increase Client Engagement with Your Swag Store

Some companies utilize swag stores internally for engagement with staff, as well as for engagement with their loyal or prospective clients. Your organization can offer prospects and clients the opportunity to order their own firm-branded products via the corporate swag store.

It’s commonplace for corporations to use swag stores for client engagement, especially in our hybrid-working world where many meetings take place over a computer screen. Sending a link and options for your contacts to select their own gifts with your company logo is a nice and professional touch that more and more companies of all sizes are using.

Improve Recruiting, Onboarding, and Employee Engagement with Branded Apparel and Goods from Your Online Company Swag Store

HR professionals also love company gifts for employees and the preparation of training materials. Nothing is more welcoming to new hires at a new company event than the option to go all in and rep their new brand. Swag is almost expected today and is especially useful from the swag store for employees working remotely.

We don’t always get to meet new employees in person, especially today, and it’s such a nice offering to allow them to make their own selection in swag on the first day. Recruiters can also send potential candidates or interns promotional items during the recruitment process to help attract candidates to your company.
Let your curated company store reward employees and make the best first impression of the level of care and culture your firm offers.

Improve Event Marketing and Trade Shows

Instead of digging out your inventory, counting the number of promotional products on hand, or trying to meet an order quantity minimum, an online swag store is available anywhere and does all of that work for you. You don’t have to be back in the office to determine if you have enough swag for your upcoming series of conferences. The swag store does it for you.

Allow your marketing team to purchase directly from your business apparel store and receive high-quality products for marketing campaigns at minimum effort.


The Bottoms Line on Company Swag Stores

The bottom line is that your firm is going to make branded merchandise selections and place orders for your various event marketing and internal promotional needs throughout the year, and we’re here to let you know there is a much easier, faster, and more economical way to do it: the company swag store.

Learn more about the company swag store that is the perfect solution to the way you handle swag management and shipping to your swag recipients, and reach out to us for a demonstration and inside view of what your own firm can do!