What is throw-away swag?
It’s a client gift or promo item that’s unremarkable and has no “wow!” effect.
It doesn’t produce thousands of social media mentions.Bad swag ends up in a landfill because it isn’t integrated into your client’s daily life. Even worse, it reflects badly on you and doesn’t represent your brand well.
If the result of your promo investment – whether it’s an event, client gift or premium – is anything less than: “Wow! This is totally unexpected,” or “I really appreciate this gesture,” or “I totally have to share this,” then it’s throw-away swag.
Instead, we create marketing that gets a “Thank you!”
Remarkable swag is powerful because people enjoy and appreciate it. No one ever thanks you for a billboard, brochure, radio ad or TV commercial.
But our competition sees swag as being the same as those media, something that you only measure in impressions. But we think there’s much more potential in promotions!
We make promotions personal and memorable.
We start with quality product and add visual value through design, creativity and surprising packaging so you can be remembered for the right things.
Because the fact is, you (and your brand) will either be forgotten, or it will be remembered for the wrong things if you give your clients a useless piece of plastic.
Our mission is for you to be remembered for the right things and for sharing a premium that’s:
  • Thoughtful
  • Useful
  • Exceptional
  • Episodic
  • Worthy of social sharing
We have fun because we love promotions.
We’re a marketing company that works hard and nails it on execution, but there’s plenty of room in that to have fun and to keep things light and lively. After all, our job is to help people shop, and our clients love shopping.
We have a servant heart and do everything with a smile. Life’s too short to do it any other way. Not only are we better than who you’re using now for promo, we are Better in Every Way:
  • Better service
  • Better quality
  • Better strategy
  • Better creativity
  • Better solutions
  • And an overall better experience for you and your clients
Once you experience Rothschild Marketing's strategic and creative power, ou'll never be able to accept anything less ever again.