A Hole In One

Client Success Story

Our Client’s Industry: Construction

Their Need: Extra golf shirts – fast!

Project Result: Shirts arrive day before the event, making our client look like a hero.

Our client, a construction firm, was getting ready for their big annual golf tournament.

They had ordered 144 Peter Millar golf shirts and vests for participants to wear during the event. All the apparel had arrived, and our client loved the way the clothing had turned out.

2 golf shirts

But now they needed 20 more shirts. Additional registrants had come in at the last minute and wouldn’t be able to wear their shirts during the tournament or for the photo, which was very disappointing for the CEO.

The event was less than three days away when we got the call. We wanted to help but weren’t sure it would be possible. Like most retail brands, Peter Millar is not the fastest in the world and shipping out same day is not in their DNA.