Burning The Candle At Both Ends

Client Success Story

Our Client’s Industry: Law firm

Their Need: Special swag for a women’s event

Project Result: Client gets exactly what she wants, in spite of special manufacturing requirements and difficult weather.

Our law firm client was hosting a very important women’s event and wanted to give a distinctive gift for attendees. We developed a list of ideas, including a unique candle set that the client loved. Unfortunately, the candle that matched the set was out of stock with the manufacturer.

Fortunately, our research uncovered another manufacturer who could produce the candle and ship to us. Then it would just be a matter of our team doing fulfillment – adding the candle to the set, something we were happy to at no additional charge to help our client stay in budget. We also covered the candles manufacturer’s rush charges.

Candle in metal container

Timing however was going to be a big issue because it was a very narrow window between when we would receive candles and the beginning of the event. But we got lucky and everything shipped on time. It looked like everything was going to go as planned.

But then, as it does, life got in the way. In this case, a bad storm hit the Midwest and grounded our set in Louisville and the candles in Indianapolis. We lost a day and half which was time needed for fulfillment.

We coordinated airport pick up at Fed Ex at 5:00 am the day of the event. The first box arrived at 5:00 am as scheduled but the second box did not arrive until 7:15 am. But we got the boxes to the venue just in the nick of time.

Our client’s response? “Never had a doubt,” she said.

Bag holding candles and other stuff