Tacos & Tequila

Client Success Story

Our Client’s Industry: Law firm

Their Need: An Event to Promote Their Brand to a Younger Generation

Project Result: Fun, Memorable Event and Social Shares

Our client needed a fun and unique way to enhance their brand for the next generation. They came to us with the idea to do a social event called Tacos & Tequila.  Rothschild’s creative team set to work developing ideas for ways to express the theme that also best expressed the client’s brand. As usual, with our first round of theme development, we kept options wide open, brainstorming ideas as if we were doing the event for ourselves and had an unlimited budget. The team engaged in a variety of creative exercises, including the deserted island technique – where each team member individually brainstorms and develops ideas – and making mood boards, collections of colors, ideas, texture, words, etc. that suit a Tacos & Tequilas event. In step two of this process, we reconvened and shared ideas. Everyone’s work was posted on the wall – colors in one area, text in another, activation in another, product ideas in another. We got a feel for look, built on each other’s ideas and recombined various pieces to create new ideas.

Mariachi band with pinata

Some of the ideas:

  • Providing a mariachi band for festive music
  • A photo booth where guests could don colorful scarves, serapes, sashes, mustaches and hats and have their photo made with band members
  • The event was in November and we suggested building in a charitable aspect. Movember. They could hit a pinata for charity, do karaoke, have a Latin dance off, and/or a lip sync contest.
  • Create a #hashtag and get attendees to social share.

Next, our designers experimented with a variety of text and color combinations to create dozens of logo variations. We pared these down to six options and presented them to the client.