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Client Success Story

Our Client’s Industry: Law firm

Their Need: Blankets at the last minute for employee holiday gifts, per managing partner request

Project Result: Our client delivers, looks like a rock star to the partner

Holidays are wonderful partly because they’re our busiest time of the year, but they can also be stressful. It’s often the same for our clients. One of our law firm clients contacted us two weeks before Christmas. The managing partner wanted to give blankets to his employees before they left for holiday.

Folded blanket

At a time of year when manufacturers are already at full capacity, running 24 hours a day, two weeks is an unbelievably quick turnaround. None of the manufacturers could complete in time.

But clients want what they want and we like to take care of our clients. So we surveyed local production capacity. It was busting at the seams too so we had the blankets shipped from the Midwest to us in Georgia, which took three days and reduced our fulfillment window even further.

We arranged to pay four of our workers triple time three days in a row to stay past their shift and get this done. Each day we shipped out the blankets that were ready, instead of waiting to ship complete to help save on freight costs to the client.

Two of the shipments went ground rate and only the third and final shipment had to ship expedited to make the client’s holiday event. We did not bill additional fees to cover the rush charges or the additional hours for the workers. We had to make the marketer look like a rock star and we succeeded.