Our Clients Say It Best!

Rothschild Marketing are brand managers. They are very detailed on how it looks on the product and make great suggestions to make it look its best. They always take utmost care, They are the only promo agency I trust to make sure things deliver perfectly.

Jennifer – Legal Marketer

My previous guy was always bringing junk stuff and nothing I would ever give to a client. No understanding of what we do and just felt he did not get it. I met Chad at an event, and he followed up and came and met with me and brought things and loved the great selection of products, especially the tech items. I loved Chad’s personality, which was warm, welcoming and not pushy. His experience with law firms was a great value because I knew he would know what we needed and what items would work best. Great quality and level of caliber that we would be interested in.

I always tell all my managing partner and our partners that I always go to Rothschild Marketing because Chad is always the only one vendor I can count on with everything they do, they just get it and they do not ding me on every single little thing. I would recommend Chad and his team to any law firm because they deliver and are the absolute best.

 Marilyn – Legal Marketer

Has re-worked items to accommodate little things that we wanted to see (such as creating a camo design for us – twice!).  Taking our ideas and making it a reality – even when we might not see how it could be done.

Melissa – Marketer

Rothschild Marketing makes the entire process painless. They remove the burden from our team to free us up to do high valued client service for the firm. I know whatever we give them, it will get done and done to the highest standard. They are really part of our team.

Legal Marketer

We tried Rothschild Marketing because they were highly recommended by other firms in our area. They have a reputation for providing excellent customer service and being able to meet steep expectations, especially when it comes to turnaround times. Chad is always quick to reply/acknowledge a request, and equally quick to provide all of the requested information at once, which alleviates the need for constant back and forth communications when inquiring about products. It’s clear that the product selection process is thoughtful, as it always yields a good array of relevant options and no set up charges. It has been easy and painless to switch and begin working with them. They have consistently met or exceeded expectations. Our experience has been Rothschild Marketing is easier to work with, much quicker and overall better. I would absolutely recommend them to other law firms.

Legal Marketer

Rothschild Marketing cares about the outcome and success of every project. They make sure the quality and detail of the product and our logo looks perfect.

Legal Marketer

Ricky, you guys are SO fast, thank you so much!!!
The team is in love with the chairs and the hats, which look fantastic.

I can’t express how much thanks and appreciation I have to you guys for being able to help us out so much this year. You have all been fantastic to us. Thank you so much.

Legal Event Planner

Rothschild Marketing makes it so easy on me. They make me look like a rock star to my managing partner. Not only are they easy to work with, but they are so responsive. I trust that whatever I give them, they will not only handle it, but go that extra mile while going above and beyond to make it happen. They do whatever it takes.

Ashley – Legal Marketer

Thanks so much, we love working with Rothschild Marketing – you are most responsive and always get me what we need on sometimes such short notice. I really appreciate everything.

Michelle – Marketer

First, I have a lot going on and my attorneys are always in a rush. If it takes someone 24 hours to get back to me, I have probably already ordered. Plus, I am super busy and don’t have time to hunt you down, I can’t do that. I was concerned with these rushes and Rothschild Marketing not being local, how it would work. I never have to track Rothschild Marketing down because you are very responsive. Even if you can’t get to it that minute, you respond that you are working on it and at least I know you read it. You are always on the ball, good at setting expectations, then executing and making it happen. Very competitive pricing combined that you don’t nickel & dime and do not charge artwork fees, set up fees, you get free samples and produced several rush orders and did not charge any rush fees… You should tell other firms and put on your website because you are the only supplier who does not charge these fees. A firm our size and the number of orders we do that adds up. Your other clients must realize it too because we sure did. Feels more like a partnership than supplier relationship. Rothschild Marketing makes it a very simple pricing structure. Very straightforward and easy. The whole process is painless.

Diane – Legal Marketer

Rothschild Marketing’s ideas are always on target. They take the time to learn about our events, the target audience and brainstorm what ideas would best serve their needs. They are the best.

Event Planner

Over the past couple of years, I have developed not only a partnership, but a friendship with Chad Rothschild and trust, he and Ricky to get the job done. I feel confident recommending their products and customer service to others.

Jessica – Legal Marketer

It’s been my pleasure to work with Chad! We’ve been thrilled with the quality and speed of delivery on everything we’ve ordered.

Sarah – Legal Marketer

Absolutely exceptional highest customer experience and response time. Very creative with ideas and design. Even though not one glitch was their fault, if their manufacturer makes a mistake or heaven forbid Fed Ex, they do whatever it takes to ALWAYS make it right beyond our satisfaction. You would be surprised that other swag dealers do not care enough to make it right. They make miracles happen and are the absolute best at handling those quick turns.  They care about me and make my team look like a rock star no matter the size order. Same attention of detail on every order big or small.

Our previous supplier and other suppliers have charged me for every sample and everything we would do. Love the free samples Rothschild Marketing does because we like to see and touch it before and they have never complained about how many samples we order and have never charged us even though we have asked to pay. Chad has given us so many breaks on orders to help us stay in budget or not charge us rush charges because it would throw us over budget. Those little things mean so much to us and shows they care. We feel like partners and never just a transaction.

 Marilyn – Legal Marketer

Rothschild Marketing is so responsive. They have great ideas and always present the best products that match our firm and clients. They make it so easy.

Kristen – Legal Marketer

Rothschild Marketing is an invaluable partner in procuring the perfect product for every important event we have held. Their ideas were original, pricing was competitive, and service was unsurpassed. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

Michelle – Legal Marketer

I would (and I do) absolutely recommend Rothschild Marketing to other law firms. Obviously, there are many options out there, but you’re our number one vendor. You guys make the process so easy when we work with you on promotional items. I do feel that Rothschild Marketing has done a great job for us, and it’s always worth it for us to use you all whenever we can.
I especially appreciate that you and Ricky are always so easy to get a hold of, and that the turnaround for getting back to us is always quick. I also appreciate how transparent you are about the process. It’s helpful having a vendor that we can trust to guide us in the right direction when we need advice on which way to go with an item.  The giveaways always rock.

Collette – Legal Event Planner

I appreciate the responsiveness and willingness to work within our budgets. We regularly receive compliments from clients on our swag. Rothschild Marketing does a great job for us. The process to use Rothschild marketing is always so easy and painless. Chad and Ricky are very professional and personable which makes working with Rothschild Marketing a pleasant experience.

Rothschild Marketing does our webstore where our customers or employees can order swag with our logo on it. The website has been incredibly helpful. We have been able to eliminate most onsite storage space and transition man-hours previously devoted to inventory into other productive marketing areas. Where Rothschild Marketing shines is responsiveness, budget-conscious flexibility, quick production times and helpfulness.  

Yes, I would absolutely recommend Rothschild Marketing to other legal marketers.

Ashley B. – Legal Marketer

Rothschild Marketing is not your ordinary promotional marketing firm.  They provide us with more than just marketing collateral.  Their team helps us figure out what we need and also with the design that aligns with our overall branding.  Not only do they offer outstanding service and competitive prices, but they consistently go above and beyond.

Chad and his team are attentive to our business needs and they take the time to understand our personal preferences.  They can make recommendations for us at any price point for our specific needs.  They also communicate throughout the entire process. When we need something last minute, Rothschild Marketing can provide us with what we need in a short time frame.  Basically, whatever we need, Rothschild Marketing can do it and they do it the best!

Katie – Accounting Professional Services Marketer

Rothschild always gets the job done one way or another. They are client focused and customer service driven business. Working with Rothschild Marketing has made the process of designing and completing promotional products effortless. From start to finish the staff offers turnkey solutions.

D. Williams – Marketer

Chad came to visit our office in Birmingham. I could tell he would do everything he could to make sure we got the best products and had the best experience with Rothschild Marketing on every order.

Amber – Legal Event Planner

I began working with Chad over 10 years ago when we were both with different companies.  He worked his way in as our new vendor and did great things with our company’s promotional items and helped us develop an online site for internal purchasing.  Since that time I have continued to use Chad and Rothschild Marketing as my “go to” for all of my promotional item needs.  They have proven themselves time and time again re: responsiveness, creativity, attention to detail and have shown a genuine concern for providing me with the best product possible.

Ashley – Legal Marketer

Without a doubt, they are not an outsourced vendor, they are a partner in every sense of the word. Please contact me at any time with any questions about Rothschild Marketing and the services they provide.

Marilyn – Legal Marketer

I choose vendors that I can count on to be my right-hand-man and to get the job done. Rothschild Marketing is that vendor. I love them!

Jackie – Legal Marketer

We tried Rothschild Marketing because of the personal, friendly manner in which you approached us… I recall having a breakfast meeting with Chad, myself and another legal event planner – and afterwards an introductory call with our Director of Marketing. The process to try you guys out was absolutely painless.  Once we got our communication down, reviewing proofs and describing our envisioned end result,